Monday, May 2, 2011

April Challenge and May Celebration

Congratulations to everyone who took up our April Challenge. I hope you did way better than I did! Sadly not many of us Minxes achieved our stated goals, but at least we all got writing again, and have more words than we started the month with.

A loud cheer goes to Lacey Minx and Gaelikaa who both did a terrific job in April.

On 10th May this blog celebrates its first birthday. In order to celebrate this grand occasion, the whole month of May will be one big party on the blog.

Each Monday in May we’ll pose a question. Leave the answer in the comments section and we’ll choose one correct answer to win a prize. Each Wednesday we’ll also be giving away a book to one lucky commenter.

Finally, we’ll be giving away a Grand Prize at the end of the month. Details of the Big Birthday Contest will be posted on Monday 9th May.

To start the ball rolling, here is the first week’s question: Whose marriage did the UK (and most of the western world) celebrate last week?
A - The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall
B - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
C - The Duke and Duchess of Kent

The prize is one of these cute Minxy Meerkats, courtesy of Minx Jo C. (Personally I just adore the Star Trek ones!). Jo will announce the winner on Friday, when she posts the new Hottie poll contenders for May.

The April poll (English Hotties) was a clear victory for Daniel Craig from start to finish, though I was interested to see that Colin Firth rallied towards the end.

And on this happy note I will leave you with these completely gratuitous images of our winner.


Rachael Johns said...

B) Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!! And I LOVE those meercats. Congrats ladies on one fabulous year :)

Sally Clements said...

ooh, Daniel....

Anonymous said...

B) And I swear I didn't peek at Rachael's answer!

I have the same beach picture of Daniel Craig on my office wall.

Happy Birthday Minxes!

Nas said...

Because of Daniel's photo, I just had to tweet this link!

RFTC Blog said...

It was B, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Maya Blake said...

Congrats Lacey and Gaelikaa, you both did awesomely (?). And congrats to Daniel, too, your shirtlessness is to be greatly admired

And can I just say a very big thank you to my fellow Minxes for making this past year a fabulous one. My writing journey has been great enriched through meeting and bonding with all of you! Much love,

Maya xxx

Carla Swafford said...

I love those pictures of him. Is it me or does he remind you of a young Steve McQueen? Yes. I'm showing my age.

Carla Swafford said...

Oh, I forgot to include the answer - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The wedding, dress, William and Kate were all beautiful.

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Maya and congrats to Gaelikaa and all the other participants =)

I'm also so grateful for my fellow Minxes and send love right back!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Well done Gaelikaa and Lacey.

Gosh, Daniel Craig.

Trenda Marie said...

B) Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Daniel Craig *sighs*

Congrats, Lacey and Gaelikaa!

Maria said...

Answer: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Thanks all for your kind words and congrats to Lacey too. Thanks to your challenge, I got my first draft of my first novel (80k) finished. It gave me the incentive needed.

I seem to share my birthday with this blog - well almost. It's my birthday on May 9!


mell61 said...

B - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Daniel craig... friends recommended his as 'do-able' after seeing Layer Cake, I'd already seen and dismissed him in the Lara Croft movie, so when Bond came out I nearly drowned in a pool of drool at the cinema. My friends got a free drink as an apology for me not taking their word on his 'do-ability'!

Joanne Coles said...

LOL @ do-ability! I'm busy working really hard (honestly) on the new hot men poll for May. I can promise lots of medical men with do-ability!!