Monday, May 23, 2011

What’s the word? Win the bag that won Mills & Boon’s comp

The first prize this week is an exclusive giveaway: the wonderful Riva bag made by Lorraine Minx, which won the M&B bag contest recently!

Here’s a picture:

This week’s competition question is:
How many minxes are there in the Minxes of Romance?
Leave your answer in the comments box, and we’ll pick a winner on Friday!
In this post, I’d like to share one of my ‘secret weapons’ called Visual Thesaurus. I’m a very visual person, I like to mindmap stories, and find straightforward thesauruses sort of dull, so when I discovered this one, I was in heaven!

You type in the word you overuse and want an alternative of, and this is what you get…

A box comes up over all the dots and words when you hover over them, and you can click on another word and it will create a lovely expanded word map to see even more alternatives.


Check in on Wednesday to see our second weekly prize!


Kat said...

I wish I could enter, I love that bag! Clever minx.

JoanneR said...

There are nine minxes.

suzy doodling said...

That bag is lush. There are nine Minxes.

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh how fun . 9 minxes

Mindy said...

Cute bag Lorraine Minx !
If I counted correctly there are 9 Minxes.

Mindy :)