Friday, January 6, 2012

January Man of the Month Poll: Disney Heroes

Yes, you read that right. I really am going to do a Hotties poll on animated characters.

But first, Our Man of the Year for 2011 was Jonathan Rhys-Myers, with an overwhelming 80% of the vote - thanks to a little help from the JRM Fan Club, it seems.

Since the voting may have been skewed [rose pruning flashback!] it’s worth mentioning that NCIS LA's Chris O'Donnell came in a more honest second.

Now back to our January poll. For something a little different to kick off the new year, I’ve chosen the theme of Disney heroes. After all, these are the most classic of all romances.

Before you all roll your eyes, you haven’t yet seen the work of artist David Kawena. He has a completely different take on the Disney heroes.

So without further ado, here are today’s contenders in chronological order.

Skipping over Prince Frederick from the 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - and yes, he really did have a name - I’m starting with Prince Charming of Cinderella (1950). This is the one contender David Kawena hasn’t drawn, but I’ve chosen to include him for the benefit of any blog readers who are suckers for a man in uniform.

Next up is Prince Philip of Sleeping Beauty (1959), the man who braves a dragon to save the Princess Aurora. Now tell me that’s not alpha hero material.

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid (1989) is our third choice. I’m not too taken with a man so easily duped by a sea witch, but luckily for him Ariel has balls enough for the both of them.


  The Beast from Beauty & the Beast (1991) isn’t given a name in the movie itself, but reliable sources inform me he’s credited as Prince Adam. Robbie Benson’s voice is just melt-worthy in this role.  

You have to admit that any man who can take his girl on a magic carpet ride and introduce her to wonders she’s never seen before, is worth a vote. Just in case you’re not as familiar with the Disney movies as those of us with kids, that’s Aladdin (1992).

If you can get your head around the idea of Mel Gibson as a romantic hero, then John Smith of Pocahontas (1995) fame makes a pretty swoon-worthy hero.

Next up is Li Shang from Mulan (1998), another man strong enough to handle a strong heroine.

More recently, after a decade hiatus, Disney finally gave us a hero and heroine worth watching. Prince Naveen of The Princess and the Frog (2009) becomes a better person because of his love for Tiana. And of course I just love the 20s flavour of this movie.

Flynn Rider is Disney’s newest addition. As the bandit who inadvertently comes to Rapunzel’s aid in Tangled (2010) he rivals Prince Philip for his Rescuing a Damsel in Distress abilities. What’s not to love about a bad boy made good? 

Well, there you have it: nine dashing heroes to choose from. Though I think the winner this month should be David Kawena. Don’t you agree?


RLA said...

I'm a little perturbed by those images of the Disney heroes... Some of them have very large, er, pouches!

Kinda takes away the innocence from them, but I'm a sucker for a Disney hero! Mine has to be either beast or Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty).

Great post! Xx

Romy Sommer said...

Oops, apologies for the delay. Actual poll going up now.

Alexandra said...

I have so many favourites! But I think it has to be the roguish Flynn Ryder because he literally dies for the heroine.

Sutton Fox said...

Not sure I'll ever look at a Disney hero quite the same way again. lol!

David has incredible talent. I've not seen his work before. I can always count on the minxes to share the good stuff. Thanks!

Catherine Coles said...

Perturbed?! I'm shallow enough to admit that's exactly why I liked them!!

I love these, Romy! Especially Eric and his rakish glance and tattoo and the way he's grabbing his pants!! Yes, I know, I need help!

Teresa Ashby said...

Love the images by David Kawena! Must admit I've always had a soft spot for the Beast :)

Sally Clements said...

I sort of like the beast to love a tortured hero! off to vote now...

Romy Sommer said...

RLA - thanks for voting, even though you found the pictures a little perturbing. These are definitely not for the innocent among us.

Romy Sommer said...

Alexandra - that definitely makes him a hero. Isn't there a saying about the tougher the man, the harder he falls?

Romy Sommer said...

Sutton - aw shucks. You say such nice things!

Romy Sommer said...

Catherine - ooh yes, that tattoo definitely appealed to me too!

Romy Sommer said...

Teresa & Sally - Between us, we'll have The Beast in the lead in no time at all.

Maria said...

Cartoon men are not the same at all as far as I'm concerned. It has to be the real thing or nothing! Having said that, cartoons are more and more realistic looking now than they've ever been.

Jacob Carpenter said...

I found this page on a Google search on rumors regarding the Prince from Snow White's name. I was wondering if you had a reliable source for "Frederick"? The only claim I've ever seen for the name was made by a guy on Deviant Art who refuses to show proof and becomes very angry and defensive whenever someone asks for it.

The Prince is my favorite Disney character and I've been searching high and low to find if any of his rumored names are provable. I've seen "Florian," "Wilhelm," and "Valiant" claimed as well with no real evidence.

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