Friday, March 16, 2012

Man Of The Month

The winner of the last poll, with 28% of the vote, is Joe Manganiello (who I actually had to google, because I'd never heard of him), so well done to him.

This month, having thrown the challenge open, we've received some very interesting suggestions.

First, for Rachel, is David Gandy in pants (who I also had to google - sorry Rachel).

Then we have the very lovely John Barrowman for Sadie (and for me - look, how pretty).

Caroline suggested a hot detective and, because I am a minx of a certain age, I've chosen a detective of a certain age - step forward Gene Hunt from Life on Mars.

Next we have Sawyer, for Anna.

And Glen the Scottish Beef Guy for Aimee.

Maya asked for a cowboy, so I've chosen Jake Gyllenhaal in a lovely hat.

And, finally, A man called Valance, who happened by our blog and left a message. Follow the link to find out all about him.


Teresa Ashby said...

I had to look Jo M up too! I have to agree with you about John Barrowman - very lovely indeed :-) x

Unknown said...

OMG, I swear, I'm straight but not one of those guys floats my boat! aaagh! Is there something wrong with me lol? The first one I didn't know either! Shall google him in a min :d

Anna said...
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Anonymous said...

Yay for JB.

Sorry, had to delete that last comment as I hadn't realised a colleague was signed in - and she's very much in the Sawyer camp.


Caroline said...

Ohhh thanks for the hot detective Suzanne - a GREAT choice BTW ;o) Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Well, David Gandy is almost TOO gorgeous, which sounds strange, but there you go. Think I'll go with Sawyer!

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be damned. Thanks for the nomination, Suzanne. Course nobody's gonna vote for a bum like me, 'cept my Aunt Mabel, maybe.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

The man of the month has to be Valance...anyone who doesn't vote for him doesn't know him...behind all that cowboy talk is a hero.

Miss Housty
Houston A.W. Knight

JJ Cocker said...

As if anyone would vote for you, Valance, when there's scantilly clad chunks in the running order!

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Ooh Minxes! You put a snap of Dave up just for me!!!!!

Thanks lovelies,I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat here. Deeeelish!

Xandra James said...

One word.. SAWYER!!!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Houston. I appreciate your support, but Miss JJ's right. Nobody's gonna vote for me.

I guess so, Miss JJ. I got something that’d put those fellas to shame, only I can’t prove it without getting myself arrested.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Isn't he just, Teresa. Sigh. XX

Serena - hi, sorry there's nobody to tempt you. Not entirely my fault, though, I was taking requests :0)

Second that, Sadie :0)

You're welcome, Caroline. XX

Hi Aimee - don't blame you, Sawyer's a sweetie. :0)

You're very welcome, Valance. And a number of visitors have voted for you already. :0)

Great to see you here Houston A.W. Knight. You're opinion is a popular one - he's in the lead. :0)

Hi there, JJ Cocker - some people have :0)

Rachel, you're very welcome. X

Hi Xandra - Sawyer seems a popular choice. :0)

Hi Valance - you currently have 53% of the vote - way ahead of the competition.


Anonymous said...

A nice selection. I've voted for Valance.


Kracken said...

Mr. V 100%! He is one woman loving (Miss Houston of course), whiskey drinking, soup cooking scoundrel but we love him!

Anonymous said...

Darn, I'm getting all choked up. Bless you Anonymous Jess. You too Miss April. I'll never say anything bad about the size of your ass ever again. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. Honest.

Kracken said...

uh huh!!!!

penandpaints said...

I didn't know Jo M either!
I do like Sawyer though, and Jake (did anyone watch Prince of Persia? Not a brill film, but he looked Very nice hehe ;)

Patsy said...

Those other men are good looking - but can they make critter soup?

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em, Miss Patsy.

Ann said...

Well it has to be A Man Called Vallance. Sitting there on his porch with his harem. *wink wink*