Friday, March 9, 2012


So last month I wittered on about my domestic failures and lots of you took pity on me and said any writing is good writing when you're a busy mother. Thank you for that! I also received lots of great tips to help me be more organised so thank you so much for those :-)

This month I thought I would blog about a related subject. I'm presuming the organisation has taken place and you've carved out some time in your busy lives for writing. I'm wondering when that time is? Do you fit it in early after dropping children off at school? Over lunch time when little ones are taking a nap? At night time when the children are all in bed? Or are you one of those people I really really admire who get up before anyone else in the house and write while everyone is asleep. [As an aside, I am in awe of anyone who regularly gets up before 7am. Those people have my undying admiration.]

I've read advice that suggests you should work out when you are most productive and make sure you schedule your writing time to coincide with that time. So some people work really well first thing in the morning and some later at night. This month I'm specifically wondering when your time is? Maybe we could have a little unofficial Minxy poll? When do you write? Do you guard that time with the ferocity of a momma bear? And if you do ensure that time isn't disturbed--how do you do that?!


Maya Blake said...

Hah, I love your little graphic at the top, Jo! I think I'm at 'Y' at the moment (as in Y, Y, Y, just when I sit down to write, my eyelids decide they're heading south!!) and I'm zooming towards last resort.

I've never been a morning writer. After kids are in bed is my writing time, and if the muse strikes, I can write till morning!Great post, btw!

Amalie Berlin said...

I write when I can, but I am most productive at two points: When I just woke up, and around midnight. So if I can get a nap, wake up around midnight and start writing, I pour thousands of words in a short time. I love it.

Unfortunately, it's a really hard schedule to keep up.

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm definitely not an early morning writer and I'm much more productive at night than in the afternoon.

Kathy Bosman said...

I'm also one that can't function before 7 in the morning so I definitely don't get up early to write. Just today I was thinking how unfair life can be sometimes as a stay-at-home Mom (but I still love it). Men can go to work or even when they have to work at home, they get to say no and their time out is respected. I think I need to do some serious boundary setting for my writing time. I do have one precious, precious time when I drop my kids off at Cubs and sit in the car (without internet which is part of the reason for it being so precious) and get about an hour of writing. Otherwise, while they're reading their setbooks (it's the quietest moment except for when they are sleeping) and when they are sleeping. Would love to hear some tips from others how they get to sanctify that time.

Romy Sommer said...

I used to get up early and write for an hour every morning. Those were the best days!

Now I get up early, and spend half the day commuting. So I'm stuck with writing at night, but just like Maya my eyelids tend to head south as soon as I sit down to write.

But in my dream lifestyle, I'd write mornings. And preferably still get to sleep in.

Rhoda Baxter said...

I regularly get up before 7am (not through choice), but there isn't time to write as we have to get ready for work/nursery etc.

I write at night when the kids are in bed. I try to do this at least 3 nights a week. Also, if I can I try to get a few hundred words down during my lunch hour at work, but it's hard to do because there's people around and I'm in 'work mode'.

Sometimes, if I have leave left towards the end of the year, I take a day off and write. Bliss.