Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

Just like the Twilight books, The Hunger Games books seem to have overtaken the world these last few months. Everyone who’s read it has raved about it. I haven't read tthem yet and to be honest, I don’t even know what the stories are about.

Today the first movie of the books comes out worldwide.

*This* I’m rather excited about even though I still have no idea what it’s about, lol. This got me wondering why I tend to prefer movies made about books than over the books themselves. Truth is, I’m not sure, because I love books! I never read the Twilight books either and everyone tells me how much better the books are over the films.

On the other hand, I’m told The Help makes a better film than the book!

How about you? Are you a movie first, book later person or the other way round?

One other question – 50 Shades Of Grey. What's that all about? And is the publicity worth it?



Unknown said...

I've only read the first chapter in THG, but that was enough to convince me I want to read the whole blasted book (and likely the entire series). There's just something about the immediacy of it (it's told in first person present tense, I believe) that grabbed me.

Re Twilight, trust me. You're not missing much. I've had the misfortune of reading the first book. That's many hours of audio book listening that I'll never get back. I just kept thinking it had to get better, else why would so many go ga-ga over it? It's bad when you start rooting for the villain vampire to kill the main character.

It depends on the movie/book as to which I like to experience first. :)

Have a great day!

Kat said...

I try to avoid movies of books I love. I've seen clips for Time Travellers Wife & One Day, and both of them made me go NO! I guess I build up an image in my head of the characters, and I don't find it easy to see them played by actors who don't fit my mould.
In answer to your question, if i'm going to do both, it has to be movie first, book second.

Romy Sommer said...

I haven't (yet) read either Hunger Games or 50 Shades, so I have no idea what the hype is about. But I have read Twilight and loved the books. Like the movies too, but not nearly as much as the books.

Generally, I prefer books to movies because the book gives so much more insight than a movie ever can.

penandpaints said...

The Hunger Games is a great story and I couldn't put it down, I convinced my teen to read it and she loved it too and went on to read the trilogy ( I didn't like the ending)
I never really fancied Twilight, the films or books, but with Harry Potter I watched the film, then read all the books! So I don't know.
But, I think maybe I prefer the books!