Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Author Spotlight - Louisa George

Today we're delighted to welcome new medical romance author Louisa George, one of Harlequin's 'new voices'. Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, Louisa now lives in New Zealand in a testosterone-filled household - it's no wonder she writes romance!

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Thanks so much for inviting me here!

What is your writing process?
I wish I knew! Before I got The Call I dithered and plotted a little and pantser-ed (is that a word?) a little. But now I’m on deadlines I try to plot out the conflict and motivation at very least. I start with an image usually. For One Month to Become a Mum it was a car crash scene. For my second book, Waking Up with His Runaway Bride it was as simple as a stain on the ceiling. For the one I’m writing now it was a lone man standing on a jagged outcrop staring out to sea. Then I build from there. I usually write a synopsis before I start, but often veer away. I write a dirty first draft, and am constantly adding layers.

Everyone who writes knows it's not easy - what methods do you use to keep at it on days when it would be so much easier to go shoe shopping?
It’s a constant struggle. I force myself into my office from 11.00-4.00pm every week day. But that doesn’t mean I use that time well – and there is always internet shoe shopping! Lately I’ve discovered Freedom for Mac, which is a dinky little app for my Mac which disables the internet. I set it for 2 hours and am surprised how many more words I get done. I also read that spending five minutes at the beginning of the writing session just planning, longhand, what you are going to write helps. And it really does!

Keeping fit: Do you have an exercise regime to counterbalance all those hours sitting at a computer?
Absolutely. At least three times a week I do a very intense zumba class (I am a total addict and have been known to do 6 classes in a week). I try to do kickboxing once a week too.

Do you believe in writer's block?
Yes. And no. (should I get off the fence now?). Yes, I think it is possible to get stuck in a hole. But I find that forcing myself to write just anything helps, another scene, from a different POV... Who was it that said you can’t fix a blank page?

Have you ever used an incident from real life in a book? If so, did it get you into trouble?
Not an incident, but snippets, settings. And so far I’ve been trouble free!

In what way is being a published writer different to how you thought it would be?
It’s harder than I thought! It’s more than a full time job! I write from 11-4 but there are a lot of other things that need doing too – promo, edits, plotting next book, research….But it’s such fun, better than I ever dreamt!

Promotion is no longer a dirty word. In what ways do you strive to reach more readers?
I’m on most of the social networking sites – facebook, twitter, goodreads, pinterest, I am about to start writing for two blogs – Love Cats Downunder and Medical Romance Authors, so I am trying to raise my profile. I’m also fairly active on the New Voices Facebook page.

What is your top promo tip for other authors?
Oooh, good question – tricky….write a damned good book. Your book is your brand, if it isn’t good it won’t sell regardless of how much promo you do. Or at least, your first one might sell, but the rest won’t.

What did you learn while writing this book?
So, so much. How conflict has got to be deep rooted and consistent. No matter how deep you go, you can go further! How fabulous my editor is!

What was the most fun part of writing this book?
The first kiss scene where Luke dares Jessie to kiss him…such fun to see the fireworks!

And just for fun: what would your hero’s honeymoon destination of choice be?
Vietnam appears in the book so possibly there. Lots of culture, yummy food and spectacular beaches.

One Month to Become a Mum

Some things in life are worth waiting for…

Jessie Price has lost her only chance at motherhood – it’s a constant hurt, until she meets sinfully sexy single dad Dr Luke McKenzie and his gorgeous little girl. Luke’s intoxicating kisses and his daughter’s adoring hugs have Jessie longing for the impossible. But she's a temporary locum, the clock’s ticking – and there’s only a month to make all her wishes come true…

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I'm happy to give one copy of my debut release, ONE MONTH TO BECOME A MUM which is in a 2-in-1 book with Margaret McDonagh on each blog stop plus a $50 US amazon voucher to whoever visits me the most on the tour!

One Month to Become a Mum is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Mills & Boon and The Book Depository.

You can find out more about Louisa on her website, at her blog, on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.


Sri Pammi said...

Thanks for being a minx today, Louisa...Vietnam setting sounds exotic.

Louisa George said...

Hi Sri! very excited to be with the minxes today! Vietnam is a wonderful place, we visited a few years ago and were blown away by the friendly hospitality and amazing people. I'd go back again in a heartbeat.

Maria said...

Hi Louisa,

M&B medical romances must be very challenging to write because you have to have a thorough knowledge of the medical world. I think if I was writing one I'd be talking to my sister all the time (she's a nurse) or my friend all the time (she's a doctor) for background information.

Congratulations on your book release.

Kat said...

Hi Louisa,
Thanks for being minxy today, and huge Congrats on being published. Freedom for Mac sounds interesting, I need that in my life!

Louisa George said...

Hi Maria, the amount of medical content is really up to the author- I tend to pepper it through (depending on what particular field the characters are in...) eg so far I've written three books, the first two are doctors in a GP practice, the third one is a nurse and a paramedic. I've been a nurse for 22 years and I'm married to a GP/sports doc, so I get the inside info from my hubby! But I do know some medical authors who have no medical experience at all -people working in the medical field tend to be very willing to help with jargon etc.

Louisa George said...

Hey Joanne! Thanks for the congrats! I can highly recommend Freedom (I don't know if one exists for PCs, mine is for a mac) - it disables something in your computer (spot the technophobe!)-and you just can't get onto the internet at all until time is up. I've found it invaluable for making me focus on my writing, otherwise I sit around and do a lot of internet surfing and wasting a huge about of time.

Laura said...

Hi Louisa,

It was very nice to read about you here today.

Congratulations on the release of your debut book.

Louisa George said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for your nice comments, I'm having fun being a minx today!

Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on your first Medical, Louisa!

Louisa George said...

Hi Liz! Thanks for popping by and for the congrats! I can still hardly believe I'm a published author!

chey said...

I always enjoy Medical romances. This one sounds fantastic!
chey127 at hotmail dot com

Nas said...

Hi Louisa, Hello Minxes!

So lovely to read your answers to the Minxes questions, Louisa!

Thank you Minxes for featuring Louisa George and her fabulous- ONE MONTH TO BECOME A MUM today!

Louisa George said...

Hi Chey! Thanks for visiting me here with the minxes! I've had heaps of fun!

Catherine Coles said...

Running in late (as usual!). Yay for your debut, Louisa! I remember the opening chapter from the New Voices competition because it was so original. As I subscribe to meds, I have your book sitting on my shelf, am looking forward to it even more now :-)

Amanda Gardner said...

Hi Louisa and the Minxes

Louisa, is One Month to be a Mum going to actually be released in the United States or can we only get it from Mills & Boon or the Book Depository?

Louisa George said...

Hi Catherine! Wow, you have my book *blushes* - hope you enjoy it! Thanks for coming to say hi!

Louisa George said...

Hi Amanda! At this stage I don't have a US release date. But it is easily available through Book Depository (free postage!) and Mills and Boon.

fAZILAT kHAN said...

congrats on d book release..

Desere said...

Congratz on the release the book sounds fabulous ! Also the interview held great info !


Louisa George said...

Hi Fazilat! Thanks for the congrats! Thanks for coming to visit me!

Louisa George said...

Hi Desere, Thanks for the congrats! Glad you enjoyed the interview!

Maria said...

Hi Louisa,

You may never see this comment here, but I got back to read the answer only today and I find it really interesting. Thank you.

Louisa George said...

Hi! Hop on over to my blog:

to see who won my giveaway!