Monday, July 4, 2011

Not in New York ... with Zonkeys

For those like me, who could only dream of being at last week’s glamorous RWA conference in New York, I’ve decided to take you across the globe to a far less glamorous but equally exotic locale ... the African bushveld in midwinter.

I’m currently on Day 3 of a 5-day commercial film shoot, and this is one of our locations:

This is what a film unit looks like ... insignificant against the backdrop of the savannah.

And finally, just for a laugh, here’s one of the animals spotted on our current location ... Debra the Zonkey (this is for real!)

For me, this is all in a day’s work, but if you’ve ever had any questions about film shoots, or how movies are made, this is your chance to ask.


Kat said...

Suz, quick! It's a bloody donkey!!!!

Romy, working on a film shoot sounds impossibly glam, but I know you work your backside off. Great to have an inside eye though to ask questions.

Ju Dimello said...

Thanks for sharing, Roni! It is fab to look at different locales and feel the "culture" !

Oh, and ROFL at the Zonkey !!!

Talli Roland said...

Well, who wants to go to NYC when you can have such wonderful scenery?

Kiru Taye said...

I like Debra the Zonkey. LOL

Romy Sommer said...

Yes Jo, though strictly speaking it's only half donkey!

Ju and Talli - so glad you enjoyed the locale. From where I'm at, it seems a rather drab place in winter, all brown and dried out. Seeing it through someone else's eyes really helps make it interesting again!

Kiru - what's not to like? Two of nature's most placid animals merged together.

Sally Clements said...

Wow, fantastic pics Romy! It's so brown in comparison to the hit you in the eye green of Ireland at the moment with all our rain...
Love the zonky too!

Madeline Ash said...

What a stunning landscape, Romy. Of course, once you've scanned your surrounds, I guess it all looks the same after that :) Thanks for taking us to the film shoot with you!

Lacey Devlin said...

LOL I just love Debra the Zonkey. So clever!