Friday, July 29, 2011

My Favourite Love Triangle

A good love triangle story always grabs my attention, and for me, the Kate / Sawyer / Jack love triangle from Lost  is hard to beat. It has it all - a beautiful girl, and two hot as hell, but different as chalk and cheese men.

Lucky Kate, eh?

Kate is a complex character, her tough life experiences have left her battle scarred and defensive. Sawyer is her equally embittered male mirror image - they are drawn to each other because they understand each other perfectly and are haunted by the same demons. Two peas from the same dangerous pod, they are explosive together, both in  and out of bed.

Jack, on the other hand, is Kate's complete opposite. He's responsible, calm and dependable, and it helps of course that he is easy on the eye. He nourishes Kate's soul in all the ways Sawyer can't, he's rock solid and offers Kate safe harbour and security. He meets her emotional needs in a way Sawyer couldn't possibly hope to, and in the end these qualities turn out to be what she needs most of all.

Turning full circle, Sawyer later found true love with the serene Juliet, who shared many of the same attributes as Jack. I know many people were unhappy with the ending of Lost, but for me it shone in the way it crafted characters I really cared about and invested in emotionally.

How about you? What's your favourite love triangle? Just don't get me started on Bella, Edward and Jacob, I could be here for hours...


Scarlet Wilson said...

Ooooo I'm definitely in the Sawyer camp!
My favourite love triangle is neither trendy or chic. Beverly Hills 90210 - Brenda/Dylan/Kelly.
Loved, loved, loved it! Even watched a bit on youtube the other night - much to my children's disgust!

Nas said...

Ok, we don't talk about Bella, Edward and Jacob. How about Stephen, Damon and Elena?

Anonymous said...

Easy question! Angel, Buffy, and Spike.

Bron said...

If you like love triangles read Lorraine Heath's Waking Up WIth the Duke - I loved it.

Madeline Ash said...

Not really what you're asking, but I loved Harry, Ron and Hermione. Although they weren't all in love with each other, misunderstandings certainly created conflict.

Rachael Johns said...

I really don't know how any of you have the time to watch TV! lol. I can't participate in this cos I haven't watched any shows recently, let alone Lost. Oh I watched Downton Abbey! And like MAdeline I agree re the HArry, Ron and Hermione "triangle".

Romy Sommer said...

Not that I really need to say it, but I'm with Nas on the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle.

I love the added tension between the estranged brothers that gets brought into the mix, and how there is something in each brother that appeals to different aspects of Elena's personality.

But I love your description of the Lost triangle, Jo, and might just have to go out and get the series on DVD to see what I missed - as soon as my deadline is out of the way!

Kat said...
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Kat said...

Ooh, I loved 90210 back in the day Scarlet, so I totally hear you!

Nas, I am guessing you're talking about Vampire Diaries? It's one that is def on my 'to watch' list, Romy has me got me all fired up for it. If you are a vampire fan, have you seen the british series Being Human? Oh how I love, love loved it, would really recommend it.

Aimee, hi! Another vampire fan. I'm sensing a theme, and it's one I like. :o)

Hello Bron, ooh, thank you for that tip. I'll look it up!

Madeline, they sprung to my mind as a trio too. Not wishing to sound like a broken record, but there's a similar triangle in the Being Human series. Have I mentioned that I love it? haha!

Hey Rach, good to see you. :o)
TV is necessary in my life because we hardly ever go out since having the kids! I missed Downton Abbey, am hoping to catch up with it when it re-runs here.

Romy, I loved Lost, but only get it if you're prepared to stick with it through the gadzillions seasons and suspend disbelief slightly! There is much stuff about smoke monsters and polar bears, but the length of the whole thing means that you really get to know the characters inside out.
I suggest you get the three seasons of Being Human!