Friday, July 27, 2012

Musical inspiration

I am hugely influenced by music when i'm writing. Every book I write has a playlist that develops as the manuscript progresses, and it really helps me to stay in the mood of the story to have it on in the background as I work.

Is anyone else as addicted to Spotify as I am? I'm sure I could write it off against taxes as an essential expense; it gives me untold pleasure to see my manuscript titles listed down the side bar with their appropriate playlists.

I find that I tailor the lists more to the hero than the heroine, i'm not sure why that is! My previous manuscript featured a gorgeous Irish hero, so Del Amitri featured highly on the playlist, along with The Script & U2. I only have to put that list on now and i'm right back in that book again, I like how those songs now make me nostalgic for the book.

The book i'm writing just now has a real bad boy at it's heart - think Eric Northman crossed with Sawyer and you're getting somewhere close. His playlist is full of good old dirty stuff - INXS, Robert Plant... Pour Some Sugar On Me, anyone? Any suggestions for similar smut-tastic stuff gratefully received.

How about you?  What's on your current playlist and why?

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Romy Sommer said...

Hi Jodie,

I have two writing playlists, but they're more mood music - one of jazzy music for when I write my 1920s historicals and one more modern for when I'm writing my contemporaries.

Don't know that this answers your question, but I'm loving The Fray at the moment. Oh and 'Les Miserables' but only because I have this new story idea ...