Monday, April 30, 2012

How do you keep going?

As the minxes and some other friends in the writing community know, I have a full time job (well at least more than 32 hrs/week most weeks), two demanding princesses 4 and 1, and oh yeah, a husband. How sad is that the poor guy is the last one on the list? :-)

But actually, it's writing that comes the last for me, literally, at the end of the day around 9 pm at which point I'm exhausted.
When I had revisions requested by an editor, somehow, I kept going even though it was the same exhaustion, kept working until I had them done.
Only that motivation is kinda lacking now.

I'm still working on the next WIP, but it's just a little bit harder to sit in front of the computer or look at the laptop and get some words done...Instead, at the end of the day when I'm tired, I want to read a book, watch may be a little mind numbing tv or just even get to bed early and catch, OMG, I don't know maybe 8 hours sleep....
And I have trained myself to think it's ok to give in now and then...or else the guilt is enormous, trained myself to give myself a break, that I will pick up the slack the next day..

And you know what?

I did, motivating myself came easy after a day off or a bit of a reading or catch up on tv....

What about you? Care to share some ways you keep yourself going when writing is the hardest to do?

Another truth I've accepted. On some days, writing is the hardest and I've given myself A-Ok to take a break that day and get refreshed....

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