Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Review: Once A Ferrara Wife by Sarah Morgan

Before I knuckle down to review this book I must warn you that I have a serious girl-crush on this author. Her writing makes me want to track her down and tackle-hug her just for being so, so, soooo brilliant!! Ahem.

Once A Ferrara Wife is a reunion/marriage-in-trouble story with a neat twist that will have you on the edge of your seat, or like me, feverishly reading but secretly hoping the story goes on and on and on…!

Cristiano Ferrara and Laurel were married for only short while before incredibly horrible circumstances drove her to leave. Now she’s back in Sicily to attend the wedding of her best friend, who also happens to be Cristiano’s sister. From the very first page sparks fly between these two. Laurel doesn’t want to be there because of heart-wrenching memories, and Cristiano’s seriously ticked off because she walked away from their marriage.

But what makes this book stand out, I hear you ask. From the very first page, it’s Cristiano who is pouring out his feelings, risking his heart and fighting desperately for the marriage to work. Laurel on the other hand is a completely closed book. Circumstances in her past have made her untrustworthy and she would rather skin herself alive than reveal even an ounce of feeling. To say this neat twist was seriously sexy is an understatement. Hearing an alpha male say, “I’m crazy about you. I’ve always been crazy about you,” (paraphrasing) in the first few scenes makes for a completely different kind of hero, in my opinion.

Laurel’s journey was equally awe-inspiring. The pain of losing her child and the difficult journey of learning to trust the husband she thought had betrayed her in the cruellest possible way made my heart melt for her. I couldn’t even bring myself to hate her when I found out she was a fitness instructor with a body to die for, lol.

Seriously, this is a must-buy and definitely a must-keep. And a little bird told me (well, it was Sarah herself via the Harlequin Blog) that Cristiano’s hot brother, Santino’s getting his own story! All I can say it, I can’t wait for The Forbidden Ferrara to come out in May! In the scenes where he featured in his brother's story, my heart missed a few beats for him too ;)

Now for the even brilliant bit. I have a copy of Once A Ferrara Wife to give away to one lucky non-Minx commenter.

Just tell me the best book you read in 2011 for a chance to win, and good luck!


Tara Pammi said...

NOOO...I want the copy...:-)I caved in and bought mine...and can't wait to read it Maya...Like you..I'm a huge HUGE fan of Sarah's...

Hmm...the best book(s) I've read in 2011 have to be the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning...the Alpha to top all alphas- Jericho Barrons...:-)

TashNz said...

Oh my gosh Maya, you have totally summed up in your first paragraph what I have been thinking about Sarah Morgan's books but not knowing how to explain it!

I've just recently realised I've read quite a few SM books and loved them and now she is on my auto-buy list, I cant wait for this one to come out in my area and LOVE your review.

I've not been this excited about an author since I discovered Abby Green's book :)))

Amanda Holly said...

Oh that's easy enough ... until you really start to think about it! One book? Seriously I have to choose one?

Then it has to be Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt. I love her books!

Have to agree with you that Sarah Morgan is one of the few authors that go onto the "keeper" shelf!

Maya Blake said...

Hurry up and read it, Sri, so we can squee about it all together!

Maya Blake said...

TashNZ, totally squeeeeing that I've found someone who loves SM's books as much as I do! And yep, I adore Abby's books too!

Maya Blake said...

Oh, yay, I'll give that one a try Amanda! I got some Amazon vouchers for Christmas that need spending! And yay on finding another SM fan! We could form a group - The Morganettes!