Monday, November 21, 2011

Mixing day jobs and writing

As I'm in a film studio today shooting a TV commercial (and battling with no signal and pathetic emails) it's got me thinking about how our day jobs diverge from or affect our writing.

I work in what may seem a glamorous or fascinating industry (after film school I worked in feature films and TV dramas before moving into advertising), so I should be ideally placed to write stories set in that world, right?

Wrong! When I sit down to write, I want to escape my day job, not focus my thoughts back on it.

Do you take your day job home with you when you write, or do you escape to other careers and other worlds through your writing? Do you have a day job that involves writing, or are you a full time writer?

We Minxes would love to know! (Cos we're nosy that way). And if you're lucky, we'll even share a little more about ourselves.

[Please note, these pictures are from a previous shoot, not today's studio shoot, which isn't half as interesting!]


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Great post, Romy.

Your day job does look incredibly glamourous from where I'm sitting in my tiny office shuffling bits of paper all day (but I do know you work very hard).


Anonymous said...

Wow Romy. That sounds amazing!!

Regardless of anything I think I could have the worst job. Working for government and collecting money from people who don't have any! Aargh!

But yes I let my job consume me so that when I do sit down to write it is difficult to think about anything else.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to do something we all love, all day?

Keep up the good work ladies. You are all doing great.

Luv Megs

Romy Sommer said...

Suzanne - you work hard too! Shuffling bits of paper also takes time and effort.

Megs - I'm holding thumbs you get the chance to give it all up to do what you love. (I'm just having some difficulty typing like this!)

Lucy King said...

My part time day job couldn't be less glamorous (marking EFL exam papers online and the occasional day of oral examining) so when I write it's definitely a case of escaping!

I have a feeling that an M&B that takes place in the v. non-exotic world of teaching English as a foreign language would not exactly set my editor (or anyone else) on fire :)

Your job on the other hand sounds fabulous!

Romy Sommer said...

Lucy - thanks for the idea! I just pictures an 'Eat Pray Love' moment, with the hero and heroine teaching each other their languages over a romantic dinner in some exotic locale ... Spain, perhaps ;)

Anonymous said...

I work at a pretty fascinating place for the day job - major scientific lab - but definitely escape to other worlds and times when I'm writing. I'm in the business end of the Lab, not the science end, maybe that's why I go elsewhere for my fiction! Enjoyed the post!