Friday, February 4, 2011

Man of the Month Poll: Welshmen

Firstly, an important announcement: The winner of our first Minxy Man of the Month poll is...

The very lovely Jonathan Rhys Meyers, with a very impressive 66% of the votes.

Now, I'm way too old to be a fangirl, but if I was going to adorn my bedroom walls with any man, it would be Jonathan. I freely admit I think him so beautiful, just looking at him makes me want to cry. Here's a reminder just how beautiful (as if you need one):

Watch out for a special post soon, entirely dedicated to him. Sigh.

And now, Welshmen: Wales is a tiny country - only 160 miles long by 60 miles wide and with a population barely above 3 million. You wouldn't expect a lot to be going on, but Wales does have more than it's fair share of buff young men. For this month's hot man poll, the Minxes have cast all other duties to one side (well, all other duties apart from dealing with proofs and work requested by editors) and bravely trawled through countless photographs of the fittest males to hail from this principality, to bring you five to chose from:

First, a duo of Jones boys:

Steve and Gethin

(Sadly no relation to myself, so I can't promise to introduce any of you.)

Actors, Ioan Gruffudd and
Owain Yeoman

And for those of us who prefer our men to be of a certain age, the man I'd most like to see in a bare chested fight with Daniel Craig for the title of Best Bond: Timothy Dalton

Vote for your favourite and we'll let you know the results soon.

Suddenly I feel very homesick for Wales.

PS Here's a photo of Tom Jones - especially for LilyS (see comments):

I'm saying nothing.

And, after a special request from my lovely friend, Judy Jarvie, here's Shakin Stevens;

My mother always said Shaky was better looking than Elvis Presley. I'm not sure about that, but he was rather easy on the eye in his younger days.

And, for Sue:

Michael Sheen                                                           and    Gareth David Lloyd

As Sue pointed out, Gareth was Ianto in Torchwood. How could I have forgotten him? And with me calling myself Welsh and a John Barrowman fan, too.

Finally, for Chris:

Mike Phillips                                              

and another lovely Jones boy, Kelly:


Maria said...

Timothy Dalton gets my vote every time! I've been in love with him for years, ever since I first saw him playing Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Sigh.....

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

I'm so glad Jonathan won the last poll,he is breathtakingly scrum!

Will have to ponder these Welsh boys though - not easy!

Unknown said...

For a veritable embarrassment of Welsh hotness, may I suggest you minxes turn on the TV this evening to watch the England/Wales rugby union? Not sure what tonight's team line-up is, but Wales usually have some extremely fine specimens on their benches.

(And my vote goes to Ioan Gruffudd. I think it might be the eyes. Or the mouth...)


Cheryl said...

Bit old for me but suprised to see Tom Jones isnt there - is he a relation???

i dont think i like the look of any of them tbh but i just LOVE JRM - can i not have him again x

Kath said...

No, wouldn't particularly vote for any of them. Quite like Anthony Hopkins - but I've got a bit of a thing for Scotsmen myself xx

Amanda said...

Yes, I'm a bit so a fan of Scotsmen like Kath. I think I'll got with Gethin. But not because he's a hunk, because he was quite sweet on Strictly. Am I missing the point here? :-))) xx

Amanda said...

*go* even - dur!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

He was a fab Heathcliff, wasn't he, gaelikaa.

Hi Rachel - yes, I'm very pleased Jonathan won. and I'm very much looking forward to our post dedicated to him.

Hi India - that is a very good reason to watch rugby. Perahps I should have postponed this post until I'd researched the team.

No, Lily, there's no Tom in my poll. As a serial philanderer he's off my list, I'm afraid. But, just for you I've added a photo to my post, just for you. I'd offer to giftwrap Jonathan and have him sent to you, but if I ever get my hands on him I'm keeping him all to myself.

Yes, Kath, agree that Anthony Hopkins is lovely. Have you seen him in 84 Charring Cross Road? Should like to point out here that the hotness of Scotsmen in no way influenced my move north :0)

Not missing the point at all, Mandy. I'm a middle aged lady, so I chose nice photos of nice boys. I'll leave the picking of hunks to the youngsters :0)


melissa said...

I'd vote for lovely lovely Steve every time.

Oh er, don't know about Tom photo. What was he doing in a phone box in his (tiny) underpants?

Anna said...

I've placed my tick in Ioan Gruffudd's box.

Melissa - I think those are swimming trunks, 70s style, rather than underpants. Although, I can't think why he'd be posing for a photo in his trunks in a phone box, either.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Hi melissa - I agree, it's a very unusual way for a grown man to pose for a photo.

Hi Anna - think you're right, they probably are swimming trunks. Not that it explains anything.


Caroline said...

I'm glad I live in Wales ;) Caroline x

Judy Jarvie said...

What gives with leaving out Shakin Stevens?
I'm distraught!
Great post. jx

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

You're a very lucky girl, Caroline. :0)

Have added a photo of Shaky, just for you, Judy.


Joanne Coles said...

Shakin Stevens reminds me of Shane Ritchie. I have no idea why.

I picked Ioan because he was lovely in the dalmations film and even with his dodgy knitted jumper he stole my heart!

But I agree with India, rugby is where all the hunks are :-)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

I hadn't noticed the likeness between Shakin and Shane, but now you mention it, Jo...

Think I might have to start watching rugby :0)


mell61 said...

I was checking these guys out and realised that you missed a couple...
Michael Sheen, Oscar nominated actor... better known for playing real life characters, Blair / frost / Clough in movies. But the guy has great sex appeal, when the character needs it!
Gareth David Lloyd, he played Ianto Jones in the Torchwood series (with a couple of appearances on Dr Who)... He / his character was one of those slow burner guys that gets more attractive the more you see them.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Thanks, Sue. Have added photos of both, just for you.

Unfortunately, ladies, I think it's bit late to add all the new ones onto the poll as they'll be at a big disadvantage as voting's been going on since Friday (that and I'm not entirely sure I know how to add them on).

Chris Stovell said...

You've missed Welsh scrum half Mike Phillips and Kelly Jones too!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Thanks, Chris. Have added photos of both to the post. Trouble is, too many hot men for one small country (and an even smaller blog post).

Chris Stovell said...

Hurray! Thanks Suzanne... now you know why I live in Wales ;)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

And I'm left wondering why I ever left.