Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Dancing!

Congratulations to our very own Maya Minx who has won the chance to pitch to Angela James of Carina Press over on eHarlequin. We're all snoopy dancing for you, Maya.

While we're celebrating, this seems like a great opportunity to give a round of applause and a huge thank you to all the editors at Harlequin. They have been busy this year! Aside from the Medical Fast Track and New Voices contest, they've signed seven debut authors this year - and the year isn't even over yet.

Congratulations to the following new authors:
  • Elaine Golden - who sold to Historical Undone in June
  • Natasha Tate - who sold to Modern
  • New Zealander Soraya Lane - who sold to Romance/Cherish in August (better known to regulars on eHarlequin as Soraya Nicholas)
  • Cat Schield - who sold to Desire in September
  • Wendy Marcus - a follower of this blog (squee!!) who recently sold to the Medical Line
  • Leonie Knight - also a recent sale to the Medical Line
  • And last but not least, Amy Strnad, who has only just announced her happy news. Congratulations on selling to Modern Heat/Riva, Amy, and thanks for the lovely comments you left on some of the Minxes' New Voices entries. We love you too! Amy is taking the pen name Aimee Carson.
Ladies - we're hoping to host every one of you in our Author Spotlights when your books are released!

If there's anyone I've left out of this love fest, my apologies - and please drop us a line to introduce yourself.  And help yourselves to a glass of bubbly.


Sally Clements said...

Congratulations everyone! And woohoo Maya! knock her socks off!!

Kat said...

Go Maya! Really excited for you!

Congrats to all of the sales ladies too, you are our inspirations.

Am going to dilute my bubbly with OJ as it's breakfast time here, but bottoms up!

Maya Blake said...

Thank you, darling Minxes! And another great big wooohooo to all the newly signed authors. Looking forward to reading your books in the coming months!

Lorraine said...

Congratulations everyone and good luck Maya!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Congrats everyone and three cheers for Maya!

Unknown said...

Oh jeez, I'm so late with this!! My mega apologies, ladies. My daily blog rounds have slipped to being a little less regular. A problem I have every intention of fixing!

Thanks for the shout out. The well wishes mean a lot to me, especially from such a talented group of writers. I seriously loved each and every Minxy NV entry!!

But MOST importantly, a HUGE HUGE congratulations to Maya!!! Wooo Hooo! Absolutely the BEST of luck to you!

PS Maya, I'd do the snoopy dance, but mine always comes out a bit too much like Charlie Brown.

Wendy S Marcus said...

Thanks for the congrats! I'm so excited. I'll be writing under Wendy S. Marcus, since there is another Wendy Marcus author. (Who knew?)

And congrats to Elaine, Natasha, Cat, Leonie, and my dear friend Amy/Aimee!

Maya Blake said...

Thanks, Lorraine!
Thanks, Jackie!
Thanks for the woohoo, Amy. I'm sure you're all snoopy danced out!
Congrats again, Wendy!

Joanne Coles said...

Yay, Maya!! So happy for your pitch and having got the insider scoop on your story I know you'll knock Angela's socks off. She won't know what's hit her!!

Huge congrats to all the new authors, the wonderful editors at HMB have been incredibly busy :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

A huge congrats to marvellous Maya! I think you'll knock Awngela's socks off too!

Congrats all the new authors! I didn't realise we were up to as many as seven :)