Monday, February 17, 2014

Cocktails, a Competition and a Secret Crush!

Setting a Valentine's treasure hunt in 'Secret Crush of a Chalet Girl' gave me the best excuse ever to carry out research in luxury hotels. Of course it was entirely necessary to taste the cocktail Sophie drinks in the book. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

If you want to try to recreate the cocktail (which I can guarantee is delicious) these are the ingredients: 

Fresh raspberries
Slices of ginger
Raspberry liqueur 
Then poured over ice with lemon
And add champagne :-)

To celebrate the publication of 'Secret Crush of a Chalet Girl' I'm running a special treasure hunt competition - the first person to Twitter DM, Facebook message or email me the answer will win both a love hearts bag and a Secret Crush bag. Three runner ups picked from the other correct answers will each win a Secret Crush bag.

To win simply solve the first clue from the treasure hunt:

'Bonjour chère Sophie, I'd love to meet,
Follow these clues for a special treat.
Clue one sings love songs, is a chairlift,
And a number you can eat.'

If you need help bear in mind this is Verbier related and also you might find some answers over at my 'Secret Crush of a Chalet Girl' storyboard on Pinterest:

To send your answer via a Facebook direct message visit my author
My Twitter ID is @Romanceminx
Or email lorrainewilson73[at]gmail[dot]com

The competition will close on 5th March, midnight GMT and is open internationally.

P.S. Please don't put your answer in the comments section or anywhere everyone else can see it!

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