Monday, October 28, 2013

Minx roundup - what's new and coming up from the minxes?

Yee-haw! Time for a minx roundup! There are way too many books to put in all the covers in this roundup, so you'll have to click on the links to see them because I'm only including one cover in this post, which is this one...

Yes! Just in time for Christmas, Blaze by the minxes is out in paperback from and - perfect to give to a friend (or to yourself if you want to!). It is of course, available for Kindle too.

The minxes have been busy with new releases, and there are more out in November, so here we go...

New Releases:

Tara Pammi - A Hint of Scandal -
Maya Blake - Marriage Made of Secrets -
Romy Sommer - The Trouble with Mojitos -
Lorraine Wilson - Secrets of a Chalet Girl -

Out slightly longer, but pretty new...

Suzanne Ross Jones - Your Secret Smile (Montcraig Sweethearts) -
Maya Blake - Hostage to Love -
Lorraine Wilson - Confessions of a Chalet Girl  -
Romy Sommer - Waking up in Vegas -
Sally Clements - Runaway Groom -

Out now in for them on Amazon and other paperback retailers...

Blaze - The Minxes of Romance
Suzanna Ross - Trust In Me - Large print paperback from Linford Romance Library.
Kitty French - Knight & Play 
Kitty French - Knight & Stay
Sally Clements - Runaway Groom
Tara Pammi - A Hint of Scandal
Maya Blake - Marriage Made of Secrets

Coming up:

Tara Pammi - A Touch of Temptation (1 Nov) -
Kitty French - Wanderlust (5 Nov) -
Maya Blake - His Ultimate Prize (29 Nov) -
Sally Clements - Mile High (Nov) no links yet
Sally Clements - Three Minutes to Happiness (Nov) no links yet

For other minx books, check out the tab at the top of the page, which shows links, covers and blurbs.

There's more coming up in December, but I'll leave those to the next minx roundup!

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