Monday, October 21, 2013

Beards ~ Big YAY, or big NAY?

Let's talk beards. On men, just for unnecessary clarification.

Where do you stand ladies?

I'm in a bit of a beard quandry at the moment. My other half has recently grown one and I'm like 'meh. Where did half your face go?' I can't decide if I'm enjoying the change or not.
This leads me to a wider question for this rainy monday morning - can beards make a hot man hotter, or do they just hide the good stuff?

Let's consider the evidence...

Joe Manganiello - Beard wins hands down.

Charlie Hunnam - again, it's a beardy win I think? ( It was hard to find a pic of this man without a beard. he's found his look and he's rockin' it.)

Ryan Gosling - this one is CLOSE. Beard win? Or not?


I think, on balance, that beards are sexy!

They add maturity and an edge of danger and mystery. All hail our fur faced heroes, and the joys of the beard on our inner thighs.

Just don't let him eat soup! #beardfail


Kathy Bosman said...

I prefer my better half without a beard and also to kiss can be a prickly challenge. But I admit it is quite a manly addition if kept neat and not Amish or Orthodox Jewish in style.

Maya Blake said...

Almost spat out my coffee when I read the inner thigh bit! Naughty minx!

I'm beginning to lean towards beards myself. Hubby's always had one of those skinny round-the-mouth trims so never really thought of him as bearded. But I've seen some super hot full-n bearded ones recently that made me go...hmmmmm... ;)

Kat said...

Hi Kathleen, thanks for stopping by! I think that's exactly it, there's something undeniably manly about a beard.

Maybe it's because it's one of the few things that we can't do ourselves, lol!


Kat said...

Morning Maya!

Get out of town - you know you were thinking it from the moment you read the word beard. ;)


Sally Clements said...

Yummy. Beards are nice.

Teresa Ashby said...

I shan't admit to my beardy crushes, but there are at least two guys I've changed my mind about since they've added face fuzz :-) x

Kat said...

Sally - hi-5!

Teresa - you KNOW we're not going to let you get away with that at Minx Manor!

Admit thy crushes!

I'll admit mine first if it helps... Brad Pitt... Cillian Murphy... Askards the vikinglovegod... Josh Holloway... I could go on for quite some time here.

Your turn! ;)

Unknown said...

I love having bread n it gives me a super cool feeling n hard look however my friends don't think so, I'm confused! to all babes those who commented above do you really think that beards are cool?