Monday, July 29, 2013

2nd Book Syndrome

I'd heard of this syndrome before, and I've even had friends who suffered from it, but I never appreciated just how debilitating writing a second book could be.

I've already written a second book, in fact I've published four under my Rae Summers name, but even though there was a big life-induced gap between Rae books 1 and 2, the next book wasn't hard to write.

So why then has my work-in-progress, currently titled The Back-up Plan, been worse than drawing teeth (not that I've ever had teeth pulled, but I can imagine the pain would be about the same)?

The reason is obvious - all four Rae novellas were written in my own time and to my own internal deadlines. When they were finished, I submitted them. Easy.

The Back-up Plan is being written to a deadline set in contractual stone - very fair, very do-able contractual stone admittedly. I'm desperate to honour this first ever deadline, and I'm equally desperate to make sure that this book is just as good if not better than Waking up in Vegas.

And there lies the rub, as Shakespeare would say. I loved writing Vegas. It was fun, the words flowed, and I felt like I was creating magic. The Backup Plan feels more like pig swill. The kind that feeds the circling crows of doubt.

If you've ever suffered from 2nd Book Syndrome, please tell me this story isn't completely pants and I won't need to change my name and emigrate somewhere only penguins live. Please tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not an oncoming freight train. Tell me your story...

In happier news, Waking up in Vegas, is part of a special summer promotion on Amazon UK at the moment. For the bargain basement price of only 1.99, this piece of fun can be yours.

So if you're in the UK and haven't yet bought a copy, please think of me and buy one. Every sale helps me resist my growing dependence on chocolate as I wrestle with The Back-up Plan.

Waking up in Vegas is available from Amazon as well as Amazon UK, and in all the other major eBook retailers.


Lorraine said...

I feel your pain Romy! I was convinced my second book (my deadline is Wednesday) was pants but two people have read it and loved it so I've accepted my own judgement is skewed - another symptom of the syndrome I think!
I believe your second book will be fab, when you can't believe for yourself listen to the people around you who know you and whose judgement you trust!

Teresa F Morgan said...

In a couple of months, I'll have to come back to this blog post because I probably will be feeling your pain. My second book is written but it does need some major editing. I need to make life harder for the hero and tighten up the plot. However much I did enjoy writing this book, there were times when I got stuck and I can empathise with the pulling teeth ha ha! And that wasn't when I had a deadline.

It's my third book I think I'll start panicking about...

Amalie Berlin said...

*Bonds* That's exactly how I feel. First book: Fun happy romp through 'this will never get published so I'll write whatever I want' land... and now OMG PRESSURE. No one is putting it on me but ME.

Your book2 is not pants. I was convinced of this too until I remembered: During revisions to book1, I was sure it was the crappiest crap that ever crapped and the editor would hate me forever for wasting her time :D

Unknown said...

Hugs, Romy! It's so different writing for yourself than writing on a contractual deadline. I have the same thing facing me around the corner but am dodging the doubt crows like crazy! Silly crows. Looking forward to celebrating this with you when it's done! x

Romy Sommer said...

Thanks for all the lovely support and sympathy, ladies!