Friday, December 21, 2012

Blaze Anthology Teasers and a Gift for the Holidays

The Minxes have a special gift to readers everywhere for Christmas!! Our Blaze Anthology is going to be free over the weekend and in case, you're still thinking about downloading it, we have teasers from all eight stories here....

Romy Sommer, The Fire Inside

Ryan paid for the drinks and raised his glass. “And I’m guessing you’re a careful woman.”
She matched his toast. “I take care I don’t get burned.”

Maya Blake, Memory’s Flame

"We were friends long before we became lovers, Ellie," Jake rasped.
"I could seduce you into spending the next five days in my bed so we can relive the lovers' part of our history. But I don't think I can survive you walking away again if I let that happen."

Sally Clements, Lighting Love’s Spark

Daniel lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.
The breath left Annabel’s lungs, and instantly all she could think of was his mouth trailing slowly down her neck. Heat pooled in her stomach.

Lorraine Wilson, A Kindling Romance

“Promise me something Drew.”
“Promise you're not filming me on your mobile and this is going to be all over YouTube in the morning?” Polly was dimly aware her question was insulting. This guy was a professional and rules were rules, even out here in the sticks.
“Trust me,” the calm, deep voice replied.
Something in the warm tone and the firm grip on her legs made her want to do exactly that. She felt she might do anything he asked.
Anything at all.

Tara Pammi, Worth the Risk

The strength of how much he wanted to be here with Annie, how much he wanted to continue, didn’t bother Marcus at all.
“If you touch me, I can’t stop, Annie. It’s been six months and you taste like heaven and if you touch me…I swear Annie, I won’t be able to stop until I’m inside you.”
He pressed a fierce kiss again before she could even reply. Just in case she said no, in case this never happened again, and he needed to remember how erotic she tasted.

Jodie James, Hot, Bothered and Bewitched

Isaac toyed idly with the end of Seraphine’s belt as she curled her legs up beneath her. She watched his fingers for a second. He had the sort of hands you’d expect of a farrier. Strong, capable, a little bashed.
“Or we could just stay here by the fire and drink champagne,” she said.
“I like your plan better.”
She couldn’t be certain, but he seemed a smidge closer than he’d been a second or two ago.
“I could wash the blood out of your T-shirt for you, if you like.”
He looked at her for a few silent, assessing seconds, then handed her his glass to hold. “I’d like that very much.”
Seraphine’s breath caught in her throat as he reached for the hem of his faded T-shirt and peeled it unhurriedly over his head.
Christ. The way his clothes clung to his body had hinted he was in good condition, but bare-chested in the firelight, he was beyond that. He was beautiful.

Suzanna Ross, A Smouldering Attraction

Relocating to this gorgeous village had been the first move in her recovery. Having fund with this man might be the next one…
He reached out and lifted her chin so she looked into darkened gray eyes.
Her heart nearly stopped beating.
“Who was he? Is he worth denying yourself the chance of future happiness?”
When Harrison’s lips met hers in the briefest of butterfly kisses, she was quite sure it wasn’t.

Catherine Coles, Locked Into Love

Cassie swayed her hips in time to the music, watching the tell-tale muscle in his jaw jump as he tried to keep himself under control.
“Something wrong?” she asked, blinking innocently.
“What the hell are you doing?” he responded through gritted teeth.
“You’re gyrating.”
“Am not,” Cassie grinned up at him, moving her hips in a circle against his erection. “That’s gyrating.”

Blaze is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


Aimee Duffy said...

Great teasers ladies. I'm about half-way through the now. Loving it so far!

Unknown said...

I've finished Maya's story and am halfway through Romy's story, really loving it and looking forward to a bit more reading time over Xmas so I can finish it, especially after reading the teasers!!

Maya Blake said...

Yay, thanks ladies! You rock!

Lorraine said...

Thanks. We like to share our firemen, we're generous like that ;-)