Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to school.

My daughter went back to school today. Secondary schools in Ireland are off for three months in the summer - so being without children during the day in September is a big adjustment to make. My favourite thing about going back to school was always the pens, paper and notebooks (stationery fetish, anyone?), so while I was in the shops stocking up for back to school, I took the opportunity to stock up for myself too. After all, they may be back to school, but I'm back to a more regular (hopefully more productive) writing routine - and I need supplies too!

Top of the list: a notebook. Unfortunately, I am totally unable to pass a notebook without buying it - my cupboards are stuffed with them. Usually for work I write in yellow A4 lined notebooks by aurora or paperchase. However, this is back to school, so I splashed out and bought myself a notebook for writing stuff in the car while waiting outside school for pickups (that's me picking up, not being picked up). I got this one. A large moleskine with elastic and acid free paper... lined...mmm. Stationery porn.

Next - highlighters!! who can ever have too many highlighters - especially in combination with a new notebook... I bought 2 packets of assorted colours.

I never need to buy a pen, because I have a lovely silver cross fountain pen that I was given years and years ago for Christmas - this has got to be one of the best presents ever for me, because I use it all the time. I couldn't even buy any ink, because a pot lasts forever. However, I was seduced by a uniball eye fineline by Mitsubishi - so bought a pack of two. To keep in the car and handbag. For extra jottiness.

Finally - I bought the ultimate back to school item. No - not a lunchbox (I have a Captain Jack Sparrow one I bought a few years ago, but that's another story.) This year I bought a terribly useful piece of kit that I hope will keep me on the straight and narrow working wise over the next school year. It's not exactly like the picture, but you get the idea...

Little sections where I can record word count aims and achievements every day. Places to tick when I've reached targets. Perfect! Now off to do my homework - before the kids get home from school.


Kat said...

My kind of post, Sally!

I love the sound of your pen, I'm going to put something similar on my Christmas wish list.

I NEED that planner in my life!

Romy Sommer said...

Yum ... I love notebooks too, Sally. The best gift I've received in ages is an insulated and lidded coffee mug for the car. Another essential item for every mum on the school run.