Friday, August 3, 2012

News and Views

Today's post is just a general round-up of news from the net.

Kate Jackson has posted an announcement this morning of a new imprint at DC Thompson called Easy Reads which should excite writers (and readers) of category-length romances. I love the covers!
Sally Quilford also has more on this on her blog.

I'm really excited about all these new romance imprints opening up, and all the new opportunities for writers. But I'm also reminded of Anne Ashurst's cautionary words in her closing speech at the RNA conference: always read the fine print and be sure what you're giving away and what you're getting in return. This applies to any publishing house, and Kathryn Rusch recently posted this interesting blog post on how we each have our own, very different dealbreakers.

In other news, Maeve Binchy died this week, aged 72. The Irish Times carried this article in tribute to her. Another great loss to women's fiction.

I came rather late to the news of the eBook debate that stirred at the recent Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, but nevertheless found this blog post by Stephen Leather rather entertaining.
There's been a great deal of talk recently about copyright issues regarding images used on blogs. Dear Author carried a cogent post explaining the issue earlier this week, and social media guru Kristen Lamb came up with a solution.

And finally, for the view ...

No copyright images here - this is a picture I took at work today. I know I complain about the day job and how much it interferes with my writing, but there are compensations. Apologies for the poor quality, but the only camera I had on me was my cell phone.

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