Friday, May 11, 2012

The Year of the Minx

Happy birthday to us!

This week this blog turned 2. To celebrate the occasion, Sally Minx is generously giving away free copies of her first published novel, Catch Me a Catch, to all our lovely blog followers. You can download the book from Amazon or Amazon UK.

A year ago we were just like any other one year old. We were just standing on our feet and taking our first wobbly steps. A few of us were published with smaller presses, a few were working with editors, a few of us were still clinging to the nearest chair and wondering how we were supposed to get across the great divide between published and unpublished.

But 2012 is a whole new ball game. We're excited toddlers now, running around as fast as we're able and sticking our fingers into every open lighting socket we can find. It's been so electrifying a start to the year that we're calling this The Year of the Minx.

You already know that Maya Minx has sold to Harlequin Presents, but behind-the-scenes we have 5 (!) Minxes all working on revisions for various editors, one with very exciting news we're not quite ready to share, and the remaining two both have editors excited about their work.

Can it get any better? Yes it can!

To continue the festivities, we'd like you to share your good news with us. Today is the day for sharing the joy, whether it be big or small. All good news is worrth celebrating. And in return for sharing, you get to help yourself to a cupcake.


Kat said...

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us!

What a fabulous year it's shaping up to be at Minx manor, lots to be excited about. I love the idea of us all running around like toddlers and sticking our fingers in the sockets, Romy, so funny!

We have been super lucky to have such terrific authors blog with us, and fabulous friends and commenters who drop by and chat often. It's a lovely blog to be part of, i'm really proud to be a minx.

Am off to raid the cupcakes....

TashNz said...

Happy Birthday Minxes! Love your blog and have been following it for maybe the past year? Thank you very much for the download! My good news... hmmn... well it's mums day in nz on sunday and my birthday in two weeks so my good news is i see lots of my family in May and it makes me really happy to catch up with everyone (and have a legit reason for cake). Happy Birthday... looking forward to sharing the next year with you!

Maria said...

Erm....excuse me Romy but I coulda sworn you were 3, not two. I remember winning an ebook on my birthday during your first year celebrations and that was at least two years ago.

Thanks for the lovely download, I've wanted to read that book for some time! Happy birthday to Romy, Suz, Sally, Lacey and all the Minxes of Romance...

Sally Clements said...

Yay! Great post, Romy - and it's a pretty fair description of us minxes -lots of squeeing and running around!
Hope everyone grabs CMAC today while its free - and likes it!