Monday, May 28, 2012

Movie Review: This Means War

As with most movies that I go into without any expectations whatsoever, this movie totally blew me away.

First off, it was a romance with a twist, just the sort I love!

Secondly, it showed Tom Hardy in a totally different light, *light* being the operative word. He actually smiled a few times and when he fell in love, I totally felt it.

*Aside* – anyone want to guess how many times I'm going to use the word "totally" in this post, lol?

**Spoiler Alert**

Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine) are two secret agents who accidentally start dating the same girl. Being competitive, and not wanting to give in, they decide to carry on dating Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) and let her make up her mind about which one of them she wanted. They lay down some ground rules about how the dates should go, which they then proceed to break in the most incredibly hilarious ways.

This was also a movie where the secondary character totally (oops!) made the story extra special and almost stole the show, IMO. But seriously, the writer in me adored this film even as the girlie in me fantasised about having two hot guys (oh btw, how did I not know Chris Pine was 6"1?) fighting over me *sigh*

If you haven't seen it yet, Go. See. It, Now!

I tot— absolutely adored it and, for someone who rarely watches the same movie, twice, would tot—ack! watch this movie again and again.

Enjoy the trailer


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Oh my, that film looks good! Thanks for the tip off!

Maya Blake said...

You're welcome, Rachel! It's def worth a watch, even if only for the hunk factor :)

Romy Sommer said...

That does look like fun!

connie cox said...

Am looking up movie times now. Thanks for the review!

Maya Blake said...

It is Romy! Perfect with a bowl of popcorn or a glass of rosee :)

Maya Blake said...

You're welcome, Connie :)

Amanda Holly said...

Oh yes I watched this one recently and totally loved it! :-)