Friday, September 16, 2011

New Voices

Entering this year was not something I was *always* going to do. After last year and the demoralising depletion of rose count I was determined this year I would sit on the sidelines and cheer on others. But as the months wore on, it became clear that this year's competition would coincide with a really difficult time for me personally. So I decided I would enter and use it as a distraction from reality. I had a hero in mind, one that has been nagging at me for a few years now. He's inspired by James Blunt's song "No Bravery". As soon as I heard that song, I knew I needed to create a hero who doesn't feel brave simply because of the job that he does, that's his duty--his life. But he will come to realise that his true bravery is the way he has got right back up after adversity and made new goals for himself and carried on simply living his life. And I guess that's what writing is like. Sometimes it sucks and you never want to pick up your metaphoric pen ever again but then at other times it's the only thing that keeps you sane and you know you'd only be existing, not living, if you never wrote again.


Romy sneaking in here:

Thank you so much for entering this year, Catherine. Your hero is divine, and I'm so glad readers are getting a chance to meet him - and I'm really, really grateful that you're there to hold my hand!

I've been feeling pretty okay with entering this year. I wasn't worried about rose counts, and didn't pin my hopes on getting anywhere. I just wanted readers' feedback on my writing, and hoped for a passing comment from an editor or published author.

So why, when the moment came to upload my entry, did I feel sick? My mouse hovered over the "enter" button for an age before I finally steeled myself to do it.

But it's up, the nerves are gone, and now we can sit back and enjoy the rest of the contest. And there are so many really excellent entries this year, that we can keep busy reading, and reading, and reading ...


Congratulations to SONALI who has won a book from Natasha Tate. Contact us with your details via our 'Contact' link.


Unknown said...

Great post, I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt sick when it came to clicking on that 'enter' button. I didn't enter last year, but it's interesting what you say about the rose count. Very depressing to watch it go down! Good luck with your entries this year - will read them over the weekend.

Scarlet Wilson said...

Congratulations girlies on both of your entries. I've read them, voted and commented and they are fab!

Caroline said...

I echo Scarlet - your entires are fab girls. I've still not pressed send. I need to print off my chapter one more time and have a "read through". Caroline x

Julia Broadbooks said...

Good luck with both of your entries!

I have always intended to enter again this year. It was such a great experience last year that I couldn't wait to do it again.

I'm not ready to hit enter yet. I'm going to take my time polishing this one. I can't wait to read your chapters. I'm not reading any of the entries yet; I don't want the distraction while I finish. But once I do submit mine, I'll have the fun (and necessary diversion) of reading through all the other chapters.

Sally Clements said...

Good luck to both minxes, and to Julia, Caroline, Susie, and everyone else entering! I'm (once again)fed up that I can't enter, but am having a good read through to see what everyone else is up to, and gosh, there are some great entries out there again, aren't romance writers a talented lot?

Amalie Berlin said...

I'm glad ya'l entered. I did the same thing last year, except I did it with a boatload of newbie-hubris: I consoled myself with assurances I'd be published before the next one came around and I couldn't feel compelled to enter.

And then I got inexplicably excited in July. Though it has been better this year, rose-wise. I don't think there are internet trolls spawning many ID's and 10% rose-bombing folks who get higher than they are :) Most folks are averaging in the 60-80% range instead of the 30-50% range...