Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Competition Addict

My name is Catherine and I'm a hopeless competition addict...

I'm hoping it's not just me. But I'll admit I find it very hard to resist the lure of competitions. Even when I know I don't have anything suitable, I'll spend way too long thinking about new stories simply to fit the guidelines.

So You Think You Can Write is coming up. Several of my lovely friends (including Minx Sri) were noticed in this competition and their entries went on to be their debut books *waves madly at Amalie, Jen & Jen*.

Of course, I only need to look at the wonderful Minxes to see most of them sold without competitions--if we hadn't all been competition entrants at one point we never would've met. Back before SYTYCW and even New Voices we all met online and have stayed together ever since. We crit for each other, support each other and rarely a day goes by where we don't speak via the email loop we have set up.

I noticed in the Green Room over at eharlequin that they have a poll set up asking writers what they are most looking forward to in this year's SYTYCW. The option I would've chosen, had it been there, would be "holding hands with other writers via twitter". I did that LOTS last year and I must say I had the best time bonding together, rather than competing against, other writers. I don't think there can be many competitions where you cheer as much for your fellow writers as you hope for your own success.  Which is why I love the romance community so very much!

I do have an idea for this year's SYTYCW but I have a full to finish that was requested following the Medical Fast Track earlier this year. I also need to resist the lure of a new story idea I had while driving through Italy on our holidays this year. I need to write FASTER!

And if SYTYCW is not for you, Harper Impulse are also having a competition--the prize being a 3 book contract!! Details for that competition are here. And, of course, I have a Christmas themed story that wasn't quite medical enough for Mills & Boon that I just *have* to enter. I've heard fabulous things about Harper Impulse from the Minxes that are published with them as well as other friends.

The only problem I see me having is containing my over-excited bouncing throughout the next few months. Who's with me? Tell me in the comments which competition you're entering and title if you have it so we can cheer each other on!


Aimee Duffy said...

Yes, please finish the medical. I have to see how that ends! :)

I admit SYTYCW tempts me. Only problem is I have no completed wips and lots of books to write by the end of the year.

Shall I whip up a chapter and join you in the madness? (I need my head checked!)

Catherine Coles said...

YES!! We can stress over word counts together!

Join the madness, you know you want to :)

Aimee Duffy said...

I so do!

I'm in :)

We're crazy horses.

Catherine Coles said...

Yay! We can cheer each other on through the madness :)

I love leading others astray :D

Olivia Miles said...

I am so excited to see your entry, Catherine, and without jinxing things, I feel like this is your year! So hurry up and finish the medical and then get on with the Italian-inspired story. I'll be cheering for you! And you too, Aimee, if you decide to enter!! :-)

Nina said...

I so want to enter both! Wasn't sure it was possible but having seen your and Aimees plans to conquer the world of romance I shall join your insane ranks if you'll have me. Nina x

Catherine Coles said...

Thanks so much, Olivia, what a lovely thing to say :)

I would so love this to be my year! Now all the littlies are away at school all day I have no excuses for not doing the very best I can to reach my dreams.

Yay, Nina, we can do it!!!!!!