Monday, August 5, 2013

Your Secret Smile and the Montcraig Sweethearts

Your Secret Smile (Montcraig Sweethearts) is my new release and is set in the small (fictional) Scottish town of Montcraig.

Montcraig is the sort of town I'd like to live in. It's quiet and its residents are friendly - and if they're a bit nosey and inclined to gossip, then it's only because they care. The crime rate is practically zero and most people are just plain nice.

Montcraig is the sort of place that, when I finished writing the story, I was reluctant to leave behind. So, when Caroline suggested I might write a series based on the town, it set me thinking: There are plenty of characters to write about - Sean in the youngest of four brothers, for a start. And, while the other three all moved away years ago, there will be a very good reason for them all to revisit soon. Then there's Harriet - the head of the school where Sean and Grace work. And Pam and Jim who have spent most of their lives dwelling on past hurts - surely they deserve happiness?

And so, Montcraig Sweethearts evolved - and Your Secret Smile is now book 1 in the series.

This is the blurb:

Sean McIver's back - but not everyone's happy to see him.

When Sean McIver left town to go travelling, he took a piece of Grace Anderson’s heart with him. It’s taken years for her to get over him, but at last she’s happy on her own. Her time is filled with good friends and fulfilling work as a maths teacher. But when Sean returns it’s obvious he’s intent on causing havoc in her well ordered life.

Sean had only been gone five minutes when he realised he should never have left Grace. Over the years, she has never been far from his thoughts. When he’s offered a job at the school in his old hometown, he hopes this will be a chance to make up for past mistakes – particularly as Grace now works at the same school. All he needs to do is convince Grace that an art teacher with a head full of dreams can be compatible with a practical maths specialist.

This is a sweet romance and started life as a People's Friend Pocket novel. It will be published as a large print book in January 2014, as a Linford Romance, when it will be distributed to libraries. In the meantime, it's now been published in e form and is available for Kindle.

Find it on here: Your Secret Smile (Montcraig Sweethearts)

And here: Your Secret Smile (Montcraig Sweethearts)

I plan that each installment will be a complete story in its own right - but will contribute to the whole that is the town. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Let me know what you think: do you think it could work?


Sally Clements said...

Yup, I think it definitely can work, and I look forward to reading more about Montcraig!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Than you, Sally. xx

penandpaints said...

I think it's a great idea, Montcraig sounds like it's full of intriguing characters, can't wait to read all about them :)

Pat Posner said...

OK, it's happened again: my comment has disappeared.
Montcraig Sweethearts could and WILL work

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Thank you, penandpaints. xx

Thanks, Pat. Will check in Spam now - comments sometimes go in there for no reason. xx

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

It's in there, Pat - I'll leave it where it is for now, so it doesn't look like a double post. And thanks again. xx

Caroline said...

Ohhh so excited Suzanne! Wishing all the luck with the book. Not that you will need it of course you are a fab writer! Caroline xxx

Joanna said...

Yes, I believe it will definitely work. I think it's a brilliant way to link the books. And I would already love to live in Montcraig. Well done for your success, Suzanne, and we'll all look forward to this becoming a series. x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a great idea for a series, Suzanne!

Teresa Ashby said...

It's a wonderful idea, Suz - Montcraig Sweethearts.

Just bought Your Secret Smile and I know I'm in for a good read :-) x

Maya Blake said...

I love that cover! And yep I think it will definitely work! Can't wait to read it, Suz :)

Rena George said...

Great idea to turn your Montcraig Sweethearts stories into a series, Suzanne. I predict lots of fun writing days ahead. Rx