Monday, March 18, 2013

It's a bling thing

As romance readers and writers, we often find ourselves escaping reality with alpha millionaires and their fabulous lifestyles.
I recently came across a website that's wonderful for research purposes ~ some of the things on there make the mind boggle!

Bornrich is my go-to website if you want to find the most expensive penthouses, jewellery and cars on the planet. It's strictly for lottery winners and day dreamers, but great fun for browsing none the less.

Fancy San Francisco Bay's finest home?  You'll need deep pockets to afford the $45 million dollar price tag.

There's some drop dead gorgeous things on the website, and some pretty darn random stuff on there, too.

Lets see... would you like to see an alpha hero who owned either of these things in your next romance read?

For his expensive car, the worlds most expensive care wax in a gold plated swarovski bottle? A snip at $97,000.

For his cleaner, the world most expensive 24 carat gold pated vacuum cleaner?

Or maybe he'd buy the heroine fancy lingerie, millionaire style of course, moulded out of 18 carat gold and encrusted with 500 carats of diamonds...

Doesn't look all that comfortable, does it? Personally, I think i'd rather stick with M&S!

I tell you what does make my heart beat faster though... THIS BABY.

It's a fridge, it's a freezer, it's a fresh coffee maker, it's an ice maker, it's a steam oven, it's a double pantry... it's heavenly, isn't it?

Ferrari's don't float my boat, but I'd marry a man for this kitchen equipment any day!


Maya Blake said...

Forget the bra and the vacuum cleaner. I. Want. That. Fridge!

Sally Clements said...

I want the fridge too!

Kat said...

lol! You can tell we are friends.
You can keep you diamond bra's, but gimme your kitchen appliances. :O)