Monday, February 27, 2012

Ten Mysteries of Writing

1. Why is it so difficult to get down to when it's supposed to be fun?

2. Why, when I hate housework and adore writing, do the washing machine and the hoover exert a strong magnetic force capable of pulling me from the keyboard?

3. Why does it take so long? I have a fairly decent typing seed, but some days it can take me 5 hours just to write 500 words.

4. Why is the first draft always rubbish of the highest order? Even if I know what I want to say, it always translates as gobbledygook that needs to be beaten into submission.

5. Why is it that, in the face of relentless rejection I still keep hurling work out there? I sometimes worry I'm like one of these x-factor wannabes and just can't see how average I actually am.

6. Why can some people managed 10K words in one day, yet I can't manage that in a week? (The answer to this is probably somehow related to number 3.)

7. Why is it that, even though it's the most fascinating and interesting occupation in the world, other people's eyes glaze over when I try to talk about it?

8. Why is it that, when I reveal I sometimes get work published, everyone immediately suggests I write their story? I have my own ideas, thank you very much. If you want to see your story in print, write it yourself.

9. Why do some people think making money from writing is the easy option? I still freely admit I could happily swing for the ex friend who, when I told her I'd sold a short story, said she was thinking of getting a little job, but wasn't qualified for anything, so was going to write a story, too.

10. And, if it's so difficult, what is the compulsion that makes me want to keep writing?


Kat said...

Because you love it, and you're great at it?
I'm in awe of your sell rate with short stories, and all those people who glaze over should be, too. Cheeky sods!

Teresa Ashby said...

Ooh Suz I agree with many of those, but not no. 5 - there is no way on earth that you are average or like an x-factor wannabe! And how dare people's eyes glaze over - ooh and no. 9 made my blood boil.
I'm all indignant on your behalf now :-) And in answer to no. 10, I agree with what Joanne said, you are great at it xx

Rachael Johns said...

Fabulous questions! When do we get the answers??

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Ditto all of the above and add 'eat too many bags of crisps while staring blindly at a screen' to #2 for me!

Caroline said...

Because you are FAB! Caroline x

Romy Sommer said...

Suz, I'm not sure if you intended this as a laugh, but I certainly had a giggle - especially over No. 8!

You are definitely not one of those Idols wannabes. You are the proof that if you keep throwing stuff out there, some of it sticks. YAY to the Minx with the most sales!!

Maya Blake said...

Because, a finished story, written by YOU and loved by your readers, is the best rush in the world!!!

Karen said...

All very good questions. I even found myself ironing the other day, instead of getting on with some writing.

I suppose we do it (when we finally get down to it) because we love it!

Catherine Coles said...

Definitely not number 5! Average people don't get full requests from senior editors!!

And I agree, the amount of time someone tells me I should write their story. How very vain of them to think their life story would sell!!

Great post birthday girl xxx

Maria said...

I could add one or two. Why do people thing we're scribbling away and playing at something when writing is real, serious work? And why do people think it's 'easy money' when I had to like write fifty short stories and only got two accepted

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Thank you all for dropping by and for your very supportive messages.

You are all very lovely.