Friday, January 7, 2011

Man of the Month Poll: The Irish Hotties

Nope, not hot water bottles, although perhaps they'd do in very cold weather... And no ladies here either. It's the totally non-pc hotties poll. Direct from the Minxes. Some of the hotties are now older than they appear in these photos, and in light of last years surprising news from M&B picking Mr Cowell as top hottie, we've added in a wildcard, just in case. This month, we're visiting Ireland - so without further ado, bloggers, please cast your votes in the poll in the right sidebar.

Here, in no particular order, are the contenders....

Colin Farrell

Brian Carney

 Actor and perennial bad boy Colin Farrell

Rugby league player Brian Carney

Aidan Turner

Louis Walsh

Film and television actor Aidan Turner

Boyzone and Westlife music guru and X Factor Judge Louis Walsh

Johnathan Rhys Meyers
Actor and model Jonathan Rhys Meyers

He's an oldy now but, in Minxy opinion, still a goody! Pierce Brosnan

We'll leave the poll live until Friday 28th January and annouce the winner over the weekend. We look forward to seeing which of our Irish hotties our lovely blog readers like best!


Lacey Devlin said...

Hello boys ;)

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Mmmm, will have to narrow it down. Not easy. Will be interested to see how Louis does though!



mell61 said...

But you missed a few, how about Robert Sheehan (especially in love/hate),
Cillian Murphy,
Domhnall Gleeson (he was recently in play as Bob Geldof and also oldest Weasley in HP),
Liam Neeson (he was hubba hubba in A-Team),
Michael Fassbender,
Aidan Gillen...
I'm shocked by the lack of research... if you need a volunteer to surf for endless hours to find hot pix of men, I'm prepared to sacrifice my time to the greater good!

Joanne Coles said...

Did you not vote for Louis then Rachel? I am a little sad to see not one person has voted for him ;-)

Ah Sue, we had a 'long list' of about 12 names and, believe me, many hours of dilligent research went into those 12 or so names :-)

We'll let you know inadvance what our theme for next month's Man of the Month is going to be and would definitely appreciate your sacrifice in helping us research!

mell61 said...

hmmmm, I'm wondering how you managed to have 12 names and still include Louis Walsh in the list! Please tell me you were doing your bit for the EU Wine lake, and I will forgive you for including him!

Romy Sommer said...

We'll take up your offer for next month's poll, Sue!