Friday, January 27, 2012

Writing Inspiration Straight From Your TV

For today's post I'd planned to write something on craft but then I started “researching” and it all went horrible wrong... or horribly right. It depends on how you look at.

Today we're going to be talking about the hottest men TV in 2011, and we’re talking hawt! If you're looking for a little hero inspiration this is the place to get it. Hang onto your keyboards because here we go...


Wilson Bethel

Television Series: Hart of Dixie
Role: Wade Kinsella


Tyler Hoechlin
Television Series: Teen Wolf
Role: Derek Hale


Paul Wesley

Television Series: The Vampire Diaries
Role: Stefan Salvatore


Patrick Dempsey
Television Series: Grey’s Anatomy
Role: Dr. Derek Shepherd


Matt Bomer
Television Series: White Collar
Role: Neal Caffrey


Joseph Morgan
Television Series: The Vampire Diaries
Role: Klaus


John Barrowman
Television Series: Torchwood
Role: Captain Jack Harkness


Jesse Williams
Television Series: Grey’s Anatomy
Role: Dr. Jackson Avery


Jesse Spencer
Television Series: House
Role: Dr. Robert Chase


Jared Padalecki
Television Series: Supernatural
Role: Sam Winchester


Ian Somerhalder

Television Series: The Vampire Diaries
Role: Damon Salvatore


Eric Dane
Television Series: Grey’s Anatomy
Role: Dr. Mark Sloan


Simon Baker
Television Series: The Mentalist
Role: Patrick Jane


Dean Geyer
Television Series: Terra Nova
Role: Mark Reynolds


Alex O’Loughlin

Television Series: Hawaii Five-O
Role: Steve McGarrett


Jensen Ackles
Television Series: Supernatural
Role: Dean Winchester


David Boreanaz
Television Series: Bones
Role: Seeley Booth

What, oh what, will 2012 bring? And more importantly, have I missed anyone?


The winner of the Sarah Morgan book give away is Amanda Holly!  Congratulations, Amanda. Please contact us with your details to claim your prize.


Empi said...

You Minxes are killing over here (sighs). Such fine-ness. The fact that I know more than half these guys from shows I watch means maybe I watch too much TV. (Naughty little smile) Can you blame me?

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Lovely chaps all. But...ooooooh....John Barrowman.

Thank you. Made my day. :0)


Sally Clements said...

Yum! Thanks, Lacey!!

Sally Clements said...

Yum! Thanks, Lacey!!

Olivia Miles said...

Love that Simon Baker was listed - he was the muse for the hero in my NV/SYTYCW entry. But in real life, it would be Patrick Dempsey all the way for me. Can't get enough of him!! Thanks, Lacey!

Maya Blake said...

Lacey, I'm speechless! How naughty am I that I found myself drooling shamelessly Cougar-lke over the Terra Nova actor?

Lacey Devlin said...

Empi - :) I watch far too much TV too!

Suzanne & Sally - You're very welcome!

Olivia - You get full points for being able to pick just ONE. It's just so hard!

Maya - *sigh* Isn't he gorgeous? He used to be on an Australian TV series. I was very disappointed when he disappeared. Needless to say, I've never missed an episode of Terra Nova ;-)

Amanda Holly said...

My oh my I need to start watching more TV!! I don't know half of the delicacies on this menu! :-)

And yay me! So glad to have won SM's book! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

hey maya
that guy rom terra nova is also on glee :)

Phillipa said...

How did I miss this - most of these are new to me but thank for sharing your inspiration. :)